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Volume 24 (2023), Number 2
Pages 535-540
Seyed Hassan Alavi, Jalal Choulaki, Asharf Daneshkhah
A classification of 2-designs with prime replication numbers and flag-transitive automorphism groups
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Pages 541-552
Javid Ali, Mohd Jubair
Existence and estimation of the fixed points of enriched Berinde nonexpansive mappings
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Pages 553-568
Muhammad Aamir Ali, Jarunee Soontharanon, Hüseyin Budak, Thanin Sitthiwirattham, Michal Fečkan
Fractional Hermite-Hadamard inequality and error estimates for Simpson's formula through convexity with respect to a pair of functions
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Pages 569-578
Nazlım Deniz Aral, Hacer Şengül Kandemir, Mikail Et
On ρ-statistical convergence of order α of sequences of sets
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Pages 579-595
Mohammad Ashraf, Mohammad Afajal Ansari
σ-centralizers of generalized matrix algebras
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Pages 597-610
Enes Ata, İ. Onur Kıymaz
A new generalized Laplace transform and its applications to fractional Bagley-Torvik and fractional harmonic vibration problems
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Pages 611-624
Ivan Atamas, Viktor Denysenko, Vitalii Slyn'ko
Construction of vector Lyapunov function for nonlinear large-scale system with periodic subsystems
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Pages 625-634
Gábor Bacsó, József Túri
An enumeration approach to network evolution
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Pages 635-651
Moustafa Beddani, Hamid Beddani, Michal Fečkan
Qualitative study for impulsive pantograph fractional integro-differential equation via ψ-Hilfer derivative
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Pages 653-664
Pintu Bhunia, Aniket Bhanja, Debmalya Sain, Kallol Paul
Numerical radius inequalities of operator matrices from a new norm on B(H)
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Pages 665-671
Çiğdem Biçer, Celil Nebiyev
Rad-⊕-supplemented lattices
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Pages 673-686
Mehmet Bozer, Mehmet Ali Özarslan, Hülya Demez
Solutions of certain class of non-linear time-fractional diffusion equations via the fractional differential transform method
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Pages 687-697
Abdullah Çağman
Repdigits as sums of three Half-companion Pell numbers
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Pages 699-708
İbrahim Çanak, Hülya Bakıcıerler
Tauberian conditions under which statistical convergence follows from statistical summability by weighted mean method in two-normed spaces
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Pages 709-724
Chonjaroen Chairatsiripong, Lanchakorn Kittiratanawasin, Damrongsak Yambangwai, Tanakit Thianwan
Convergence theorem and convergence rate of a new faster iteration method for continuous functions on an arbitrary interval
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Pages 725-736
Ivan Chajda, Helmut Länger
Tolerances on posets
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Pages 737-747
Sumit Chandok
Existence of solutions to multivalued problems in incomplete metric spaces with applications
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Pages 749-762
Tuğrul Cömert, Erhan Pişkin
Blow-up of weak solutions for a higher-order heat equation with logarithmic nonlinearity
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Pages 763-777
Zohreh Eskandari, R. Khoshsiar Ghaziani, Zakieh Avazzadeh
Rich dynamics of a discrete-time prey-predator model
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Pages 779-788
Yacine Halim, Amira Khelifa, Niâma Mokrani
Connection of Balancing numbers with solution of a system of two higher-order difference equations
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Pages 789-803
Bidu Bhusan Jena, Susanta Kumar Paikray
A new approach to statistical Riemann-Stieltjes integrals
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Pages 805-818
Kulandhivel Karthikeyan, Ozgur Ege
Boundary value problems of higher order fractional integro-differential equations involving Gronwall's inequality in Banach spaces
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Pages 819-828
Mohammad Salahuddin Khan, Abdul Nadim Khan
An Engel condition with b-generalized derivations in prime rings
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Pages 829-839
Mehdi Khodabakhshi, Seyyed Mansour Vaezpour, Armin Hadjian
Existence of two weak solutions for some elliptic problems involving p(x)-biharmonic operator
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Pages 841-851
Nurten Kilic, Özkan Öcalan
A new oscillation result for nonlinear differential equations with nonmonotone delay
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Pages 853-859
Berna Koşar, Hasan Hüseyin Ökten
Amply essential g-supplemented modules
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Pages 861-876
Cemaliye Kürt, Mehmet Ali Özarslan
Bivariate k-Mittag-Leffler functions with 2D-k-Laguerre-Konhauser polynomials and corresponding k-fractional operators
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Pages 877-892
Ricai Luo, Lin Hou, Jing Zhao
Optimal feedback control of Hilfer fractional evolution inclusions involving history-dependent operators
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Pages 893-907
Khaled Mehrez, Sourav Das, Anish Kumar
Monotonicity properties and functional inequalities for the Barnes Mittag-Leffler function
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Pages 909-914
István Mező
On the comparison of the Marcinkiewicz and Luxemburg norms of the exponential space
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Pages 915-931
Amirhossein Nafei, Chien-Yi Huang, Seyed Mohammadtaghi Azimi, Amir Javadpour
An optimized model for neutrosophic multi-choice goal programming
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Pages 933-951
Sogol Niazian, Mona Aaly Kologani, Shahin Homayon Arya, Rajab Ali Borzooei
On co-annihilators in equality algebras
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Pages 953-963
Arzu Denk Oğuz, Jehad Alzabut, Abdullah Özbekler, Jagan Mohan Jonnalagadda
Lyapunov and Hartman-type inequalities for higher-order discrete fractional boundary value problems
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Pages 965-979
Mohamed El Ouaarabi, Chakir Allalou, Said Melliani
Existence of weak solutions for a double phase variable exponent problem with a gradient dependent reaction term
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Pages 981-987
Hilal Başak Özdemir, Celil Nebiyev
Strongly ⊕-g-radical supplemented modules
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Pages 989-1002
Said Ait Temghart, Chakir Allalou, Khalid Hilal, Stanislas Ouaro
Entropy solutions for some elliptic problems involving the generalized p(u)-Laplacian operator
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Pages 1003-1019
Zhi-Gang Wang, Manzoor Hussain, Xiao-Yuan Wang
On sharp solutions to majorization and Fekete-Szegő problems for starlike functions
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Pages 1021-1031
Bei Wang
Convergence relation between solutions of a p(x)-Landau-Lifschitz type and p(x)-harmonic maps
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Pages 1033-1048
Yifan Yang, Xiaomin Chen
Almost quasi-Yamabe solitons on contact metric manifolds
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Pages 1049-1056
Hasret Yazarli
Some algebraic properties of generalized q-Cesáro matrix C_{g}(q)
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Pages 1057-1071
Hazal Yüksekkaya, Erhan Pişkin
Existence and exponential decay of a logarithmic wave equation with distributed delay
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Pages 1073-1079
Nabil Zeidi
n-fine rings
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