Number 1

Volume 24 (2023), Number 1
Pages 5-13
Muhammad Aamir Ali, Mehmet Zeki Sarikaya, Hüseyin Budak, Zhiyue Zhang
Quantum Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities and related inequalities for subadditive functions
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Pages 15-29
Mohamed I. Abbas
Sturm-Liouville boundary value problems for fractional differential equations with p-Laplacian operator via Riesz-Caputo fractional derivatives
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Pages 31-46
Bashir Ahmad, Ahmed Alsaedi, Fawziah M. Alotaibi, Madeaha Alghanmi
Nonlinear coupled Liouville-Caputo fractional differential equations with a new class of nonlocal boundary conditions
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Pages 47-61
Vijay Gupta
Voronovskaja-type quantitative difference estimates of positive linear operators with different basis functions
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Pages 63-79
Malkhaz Ashordia
On existence of bounded solutions on real axis R of linear systems of generalized ordinary differential equations
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Pages 81-91
Hasan Barsam, Yamin Sayyari, Alireza Sattarzadeh
Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for uniformly convex functions with respect to geodesic in Hadamard space
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Pages 93-104
Volodymyr Berezovski, Sándor Bácsó, Yevhen Cherevko, Josef Mikeš
Canonical almost geodesic mappings π_2(e), e=±1, of spaces with affine connection onto m-symmetric spaces
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Pages 105-117
Oleksandr Boichuk, Sergii Chuiko, Olga Nesmelova
On a reduction of a nonlinear autonomous boundary-value problem to a critical case of the first order
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Pages 119-127
Pradip Debnath
Best proximity points of multivalued Geraghty contractions
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Pages 129-137
Mehdi Dehghanian, Yamin Sayyari, Choonkil Park
Hadamard homomorphisms and Hadamard derivations on Banach algebras
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Pages 139-152
Nguyen Van Dung, Vo Thi Le Hang, Sumit Chandok
Answers to George-Radenovic-Reshma-Shukla questions in rectangular b-metric spaces
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Pages 153-163
Faranak Farshadifar
S-copure submodules of a module
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Pages 165-178
Xiaojin Huang, Yongjian Liu, Jianhua Huang
Average consensus stability analysis for stochastic multi-agent systems with compound noises under Markovian switching topologies
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Pages 179-195
Kanwal Jabeen, Afis Saliu
A Study of q-analogue of the analytic characterization of Limacon functions
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Pages 197-208
Otar Jokhadze
On the von Karman's equation in the nonlinear theory of gas dynamics
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Pages 209-226
Fi̇gen Kangalgi̇l, Seval Işık
Dynamical complexities in a discrete-time predator-prey system as consequences of the weak Allee effect on prey
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Pages 227-234
Mohammad Salahuddin Khan
Herstein's theorem for pair of generalized derivations on prime rings with involution
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Pages 235-246
Bilel Krichen, Fatima Bahidi
Fixed point theorems for upper semicontinuous multivalued operators in locally convex spaces
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Pages 247-261
Muhammad Amer Latif
Weighted Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for differentiable preinvex and prequasiinvex mappings
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Pages 263-278
Galina Yu Mehdiyeva, Yashar T. Mehraliyev, Elvin Azizbayov
Nonlinear inverse problem for identifying a coefficient of the lowest term in hyperbolic equation with nonlocal conditions
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Pages 279-299
Sikander Mehmood, Fiza Zafar, Hasan Furkan, Nusrat Yasmin, Ahmet Ocak Akdemir
On Fejér-Hermite-Hadamard inequalities for functions involving fractional integrals
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Pages 301-308
Antoine Mhanna
Some norm inequalities for some positive block matrices
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Pages 309-324
Mirzakulova Aziza Erkomekovna, Dauylbayev Muratkhan Kudaibergenovich
Asymptotic expansion of the solution for singularly perturbed boundary value problem with boundary jumps
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Pages 325-334
Celil Nebiyev, Nurhan Sökmez
On Goldie*-supplemented modules
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Pages 335-341
Celil Nebiyev, Hasan Hüseyin Ökten
Some Properties of ⊕-g-Supplemented Modules
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Pages 343-357
Kubilay Özçelik, Hüseyin Budak, Mehmet Zeki Sarikaya, Artion Kashuri
Ostrowski type inequalities for functions of two variables via generalized fractional integrals
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Pages 359-368
Endre Pap, Reza Saadati
Fuzzy approximation of an additive (ρ_1, ρ_2)-random operator inequality
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Pages 369-382
Chandra Prakash, Naokant Deo, Durvesh Kumar Verma
Approximation by Apostol-Genocchi summation-integral type operators
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Pages 383-394
Teerathram Raghuwanshi, Giteshwari Pandey, Manoj Kumar Pandey, Anil Goyal
On generalized projective curvature tensor of para-Kenmotsu manifolds
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Pages 395-402
Abdolrahman Razani
Non-existence of solution of Haraux-Weissler equation on a strictly starshped domain
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Pages 403-410
Nadeem ur Rehman, Hafedh M. Alnoghashi
On Jordan homo-derivation of triangular algebras
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Pages 411-428
Hakan Sahin
A new approach to homotopy theory via best proximity point
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Pages 429-445
Fangfang Shi, Guoju Ye, Dafang Zhao, Wei Liu
Interval-valued Iq^b-calculus and applications
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Pages 447-455
Nándor Sieben
Cayley line graphs of transitive groupoids
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Pages 457-471
Ke Su, Lele Ren
A modified nonmonotone filter QP-free method
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Pages 473-487
Öyküm Ülke, Fatma Serap Topal
Existence and uniqueness of solutions for fractional q-difference equations
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Pages 489-504
Qi Wang, Qian Yang
Numerical oscillation of nonlinear generalized delay single species population model
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Pages 505-513
Tülay Yaǧmur
On quaternion-Gaussian Fibonacci polynomials
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Pages 515-528
Mourad Yettou, Abdelaziz Amroune, Lemnaouar Zedam
Integrations on lattices
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Pages 529-533
Songting Yin
A note on S-curvature of Randers measure spaces
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