Number 1 Number 2
Pages 3-24
V. M. Evtukhov, L. I. Kusick
Asymptotic behaviour of solutions of some systems of quasilinear differential equations
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Pages 25-34
Daniela Inoan
Stability with respect to the domain of a nonlinear variational inequality
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Pages 35-37
Józef Kalinowski
On functions preserving rank of matrices
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Pages 39-43
Georghe Miclăus
The Libera generalized integral operator and Hardy spaces
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Pages 45-51
Edgar Pereira
Block eigenvalues and solutions of differential matrix equations
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Pages 53-64
N. A. Perestyuk, V. YU. Slusarchuk
Oscillation of nonlinear differential-integral equation in a Banach space with respect to its subspace
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Pages 65-76
Nusrat Rajabov, Miklós Rontó, Lutfia Rajabova
On some two dimensional Volterra type linear integral equations with super-singularity
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