On Fejér-Hermite-Hadamard inequalities for functions involving fractional integrals

Sikander Mehmood; Fiza Zafar; Hasan Furkan; Nusrat Yasmin; Ahmet Ocak Akdemir;


In this paper, some new estimations of Hermite-Hadamard-Fej\'{e}r type inequalities for higher order differentiable preinvex functions are established via fractional integral operators. The main motivation point of the study is that our findings, which include generalized preinvex functions for Hermite-Hadamard-Fejer type inequalities by means of fractional integral operators, are the first results in the literature. The coincidence of the special cases of the main theorems with the results existing in the literature is also given as a verification of our results.

Vol. 24 (2023), No. 1, pp. 279-299
DOI: 10.18514/MMN.2023.3730

Download: MMN-3730