A new numerical technique for solving fractional partial differential equations

Omer Acan; Dumitru Baleanu;


We propose conformable Adomian decomposition method (CADM) for fractional partial differential equations (FPDEs). This method is a new Adomian decomposition method (ADM) based on conformable derivative operator (CDO) to solve FPDEs. At the same time, conformable reduced differential transform method (CRDTM) for FPDEs is briefly given and a numerical comparison is made between this method and the newly introduced CADM. In applied science, CADM can be used as an alternative method to obtain approximate and analytical solutions for FPDEs as CRDTM. In this study, linear and non-linear three problems are solved by these two methods. In these methods, the obtained solutions take the form of a convergent series with easily computable algorithms. For the applications, the obtained results by these methods are compared to each other and with the exact solutions. When applied to FPDEs, it is seem that CADM approach produces easy, fast and reliable solutions as CRDTM.

Vol. 19 (2018), No. 1, pp. 3-18

Download: MMN-2291