On the conharmonic curvature tensor of Kenmotsu manifolds with generalized Tanaka-Webster connection

D. G. Prakasha; B. S. Hadimani;


In this paper, we study a generalized Tanaka-Webster connection on a Kenmotsu manifold. We study the conharmonic curvature tensor with respect to the generalized Tanaka-Webster connection $\widetilde{\nabla}$ and also characterize conharmonically flat and locally $\phi$-conharmonically symmetric Kenmotsu manifold with respect to the connection $\widetilde{\nabla}$. Besides these we also classify Kenmotsu manifolds which satisfy $\widetilde{K}\cdot\widetilde{R} = 0$ and $\widetilde{P}\cdot \widetilde{K}=0 $, where $\widetilde{K}$ and $\widetilde{P}$ are the conharmonic curvature tensor, the projective curvature tensor and Riemannian curvature tensor, respectively with respect to the connection $\widetilde{\nabla}$.

Vol. 19 (2018), No. 1, pp. 491-503

Download: MMN-1596