Call for participation
on the
Workshop to be held at the
Department of Architectural Representation,
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
on 20 of February 2015 at 10.30 am

  1. Mihály Szoboszlai, András Zsolt Kovács, László Strommer: Introduction of Department of Architectural Representation (45 min)
  2. Emil Molnár: Lifelike Geometry in Research and Arts (QC book of Renate Quehenberger) (20 min).
  3. Márta Nagyné Szilvási: Lifelike Vector Algebra (20 min)
  4. Overview of the project supported by the International Visegrad Fund; on the usage and improvement of electronic teaching materials.
  5. Future plans of the Hungarian Society of Geometry and Graphics (KGE).
The Workshop is sponsored by the International Visegrad Fund