Visual methods in engineer and teacher education in science

Hungarian Society of Geometry and Graphics is organizing a conference on Visual methods in engineer and teacher education in science in cooperation with partner institutions
The conference is sponsored by the Visegrad Fund.


The venue of the conference is the Ligneum Visitor Center at the University of West Hungary, Sopron.


The organizers reserve double or single rooms (as per request) for the participants at Hotel Palatinus.

List of participants


Scheduled program

Tuesday, 21, October

9.30 Opening ceremony
9.40 Daniela Velichová Interactive Learning Materials with Dynamic Geometry Builder or Destroyer of Geometric Understanding?
10.00 Viera Čmelková How to Do Geometry more Friendly for Students
10.20 Magdalena Skrzypiec Secantoptics, a Generalization of Isotopic Curves

10.40 - Coffee Break

11.10Jenő Szirmai The Euclidean Visualization and Modelling the 8 Homogeneous Thurston 3-geometries
11.30Péter Körtesi Modelling Non-euclidean Geometry Using Geogebra
11.50 Světlana Tomiczková Problem-based Engineering Courses
12.10 Radek Vyrut Shaolin - Home Training for Students


14.00Mihály Szoboszlai Development of Computer-based Visual Demonstrations in Engineering Education
14.20Szilvia Béla Merging B-spline Curves or Surfaces Using Matrix Representation
14.40Géza Csima Isoptic Surfaces of Polyhedra
15.00Attila Végh Voronoi's Conjecture of Contractions of Dirichlet-Voronoi Cells

15.20 - Coffee Break

15.40Rita Kiss-György Space Description Problems in the Secondary School and some Useful Visual Tools
16.00Johanna Pék Módszertani Különbségek az Ábrázoló Geometria Oktatásában Matematikus és Építész Hallgatók Esetén
16.20András Kovács
17.00General assembly of the Hungarian Society for Geometry and Graphics (in Hungarian)

Wednesday, 22, October

9.10Attila Bölcskei Visualization in Engineering Geometry
9.30Adrien Árvainé Molnár Development of Spatial Visualization Skills in Engineer Education
9.50László Vörös Methods and Tools for Teaching of the Multiview Orthographic Projection
10.10Ildikó Papp On Experiences about Teaching Computer Engineering

10.30 - Coffee Break

11.00László Németh Visualization of Descriptive Geometry with Geogebra
11.20László Strommer Missing Links - or Missing Terms?
11.40Márta Szilvási-Nagy The Geometry of 3D-Printing



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